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Signboard in Malay/English

Year 1999 has been announced as the year to visit Penang, hoping that more tourist would be attracted to visit Penang. Meanwhile, I feel upset by some of the shop owners in Georgetown area as most of their business sign board instead of Malay, were written in Mandarin. While some were written in both, but still writing in Mandarin was bigger and so more apparent.

Supposedly, all business sign board must be displayed in Malay as their customer is not only Chinese but also Malay and Indian. If they just use Mandarin, how other than Chinese will know about the shop and its selling stuff. Each shop must display their sign board in Malay as we all are Malaysian and thus must be proud of our national language regardless of race and religion. By using Malay, it will give a good view to tourists which come during visit Penang year 1999 that all Malaysian which consists of a variety of races and religions are united and cooperate each other.

I found out that this matter, not only happened in Penang, but also in all major cities in Malaysia. Government body must reinforce the law and take the necessary action  so that all business sign boards are displayed in Malay. By using Malay, the trade will increase as well as the relationship amongst Malaysian will be closer even further.

Thank you

PenangMali: January 1999

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