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  • Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad recommended
    Malaysia sole Islamic investment company.The subsidiaries group are involved in a wide spectrum of Business activities according to the principle of Islamic Law.
  • A New Financial Landmark - Bumiputra-Commerce Bank
    A Bank for all the people - arising from the merger of Bank Bumiputra and Bank of Commerce. Provides financial service information including product and exchange rates, branch and ATM locations and corporate information.
  • Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad
    >> "Bumiputra-Commerce Bank is one of Malaysia's>largest commercial banks with a network of 260 branches and the largest>network of ATMs in the country. It is a leading provider of consumer>banking services and the choice bank for leading businesses and>multi-national corporations in the country.">> This introduction for the Webmaster's reference:-> About Bumiputra- Commerce Bank>>Bumiputra-Commerce Bank, with one of the largest network of nearly 260 bank>branches in Malaysia, is the result of a recent merger between Bank of>Commerce (M) Berhad and Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad. It has the largest>network of 730 ATMs located throughout Malaysia and is a leading provider of>consumer banking services. With specialised business banking centers located>at all key market centers, the Bank also has a competitive edge in the>provision of financial services to support both local and international>trade.>>
  • Bank Negara Malaysia
    "The latest updates on the financial situation and economic developments in the country, as well as information on the Central Bank."
  • Citibank
    "At Citibank Malaysia, we understand that you have your own financial needs. You have your own goals and dreams in life."
    "CTOS is Malaysia's leading credit information provider to financial institutions in the like of banks, finance companies, credit card issuers, insurance companies, securities firms, lawyers, solicitos and others."
  • Hong Leong Bank Berhad
    "Banking Information : Interest Rates (FD, Savings, BLR) & Loans Calculator. Foreign Exchange Rates, Currency Rates, Daily Forex Commentary (All updated daily)"

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