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  • Da'wah Ilmiah Dwi Jum'at
    Situs web da'wah dan kajian ilmu. Kamu bisa belajar dan tahu lebih banyak tentang Islam secara benar.
  • Islamfocus,Malay
    Photo Album, Quran with translation malay and a sound,story about Wali Allah,Tasawuf,Bisik hati.
  • Islamic Salat Clock
    The only salat/prayer clock you will ever require to know your salat/prayer time anywhere around the world. Designed and made by Muslims for muslims. Use without hesitation.
  • Jorddie
    Historia del Arte Mudéjar
  • Khairul Afnan Islamic Site
    Student from Madrasah Ar-Rahmah created this site for everyone...background music to this site are mostly arabic midis....check this one out...
  • Mohammad Abdullah
    This site is contains Islamic information in Bahasa Melayu and English.
  • Salafiyyun On-Line
    Mendukung Manhaj Salaf. Ikutilah sunnah Rasulullah SAW dan tinggalkan segala bid'ah.
  • The Umraholics
    Umrah Made Easy - a website for those who give lame excuses not to perform Umrah for fear it may be too complicated
  • wafa
    "Mengandungi panduan agama, keterangan keluarga dan lain-lain lagi. Semuanya didalam BAHASA MALAYSIA!!!"
  • Waktu Solat
    Sila dapatkan al-hadis screen saver dan program waktu solat untuk negeri-negeri di Malaysia
  • With the Quran the hearts rejoice
    "This site is devoted to the Quran, which is God's final message to humanity. It emphasizes the necessity to follow the Quran alone."

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