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Any side added here will be checked by the maintainer to make sure that it is suitable with our policy. Please suggest a directory or even subdirectory for your site to be listed.

Please try to list your site in the existing directory by writing the existing directory with its subdirectory in the 'Suggested Directory' box above. If your required directory does not exist and you feel that it is a good idea to set up a new directory, then please write it down in the 'Suggested Directory' box above.

Any site listed here will take a maximum of 2 weeks to be listed. If not listed after two weeks, please contact the maintainer. If the same site being added twice, the previous one will be deleted and the newly added will remain. For the time being, there is no service to edit the site that you have added. If you want to edit the site that you have added, please fill up the same form above, but please write ' Editing' in the 'Description of Your Website' box above.

We do not guarantee that the site you registered will be listed here, and the decision is at the maintainer's discretion